The Armory is the only place within Idris proper that the Iron Sisters are known to be seen, although they mostly stay below ground level in its extensive and labyrinthine basement levels, working on new weapon designs and performing repairs, among others.Trivia Because there is a city called Alicante in Spain, the fictional city is spelled " Alacante " in Spanish editions.

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3 By tradition, Downworlders are permitted to enter the city only through its north gate.Alicante forty years ago were like.Plenty of them have settled themselves along the Costa Blanca and in corcondance bussiness and shops opened by and for them have arisen.

2 The towers can also light up to alert its citizens of certain situations; an example is their red and gold battle lights that signal the people of Alicante to get to the Gard.Orihuela, historical city, out from the beach.Angel Square Angel Square is the plaza located at the city's center, considered one of Alicante 's most picturesque and historically relevant spots.