His sisters Oksana and MartaMaria were arrested by the nkvd in 1941 and sent to a gulag in Siberia.Verkhovna rada OF ukraine official web portal."Heroes and Villains: Creating National History in Contemporary Ukraine".

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Activities included mass campaigns against Polish tobacco and alcohol monopolies and against the denationalization of Ukrainian youth.This information is part of the testimony that Abwehr Colonel Erwin Stolze gave on 25 December 1945 and submitted to the Nuremberg trials, with a request to be admitted as evidence.In Transcarpathia 4 of the respondents had a very positive opinion, 32 a mostly positive opinion, 50 were neutral, none had a mostly negative opinion, 7 had a very negative opinion and 7 were unsure.

19 Bandera remains a highly controversial figure in Ukraine, with some hailing him as a liberator who fought both the Soviets and the Nazis while trying to establish an independent Ukraine, citation needed while others consider him to be a Nazi collaborationist 23 and.129 On, the Ivano-Frankivsk regional council called on the European Parliament to review this resolution.1 (April 2005) by John-Paul Himka, University of Alberta.