States have the option of using EPAs tools directly, installing and hosting their own version of EPAs tools, or developing their own tools.The two phases of the rule, and their key milestones, are: Phase 1 Starting on, december 21, 2016 : regulated entities that currently submit DMRs must begin to submit these reports electronically, instead of on paper.

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The rule replaces most paper-based npdes reporting requirements with electronic reporting.Information on EPAs electronic reporting tools is provided below: Network Discharge Monitoring Report netDMR A nationally-available electronic reporting tool, initially designed by states and later adapted for national use by EPA in 2009, which can be used by npdes-regulated facilities to submit DMRs electronically.

This plan must provide enough details (e.g., tasks, milestones, roles and responsibilities, necessary resources) to clearly describe how the program will successfully implement electronic reporting of Phase 2 data.EPA does not dictate the electronic reporting tools that a state may use.It can also help investigate pollution sources, examine and create enforcement-related maps, or explore states' performance.