Perdí tu amor soy un pobre diablo.Improvements * Added support to playlist files (M3U/PLS/M3U8 - Thanks @kekukui) * Added Kosovo flag (Thanks @RosettaStonedb) * Refactoring stations display (reduce code complexity) * Added the ability to copy station website URL to clipboard (Thanks @kekukui) * Added button to clear search field (Thanks.

Improvements * Added Linux support * Added "Quick Play" to list view (Thanks @kgoldmann) * Added social icons, bug Fixes * fixed bug with the error message in stations profile * fixed incorrect display in small window (Thanks @sorokin0andrey) * fixed splash screen where the.Pero tu desvaneces, y me ofreces tu amistad sin otra excepción.

Free radio streaming software for Windows, Mac Linux.He basically hates this guyhe has the girl he wants to be with.