Contents During the day A greater proportion of blue light scattered by the atmosphere relative to red light."Low precision formulae for planetary positions".Noun sk plural skies 1 : the upper atmosphere or expanse of space that constitutes an apparent great vault or arch over the earth 2 : heaven sense 2 3a : weather in the upper atmosphere b : climate temperate English skies,.

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The effect is not very obvious on clear days but is very pronounced when clouds cover the line of sight, reducing the blue hue from scattered sunlight.Spores and seeds from plants use flight, via use of the wind, as a method of propagating their species.

When the sun is well above the horizon, direct scattering of sunlight (Rayleigh scattering) is the overwhelmingly dominant source of light.The term is usually associated with skygazing and astronomy, with reference to views of celestial bodies such as stars, the Moon, and planets that become visible on a clear night after the Sun has set.During daylight, the sky appears to be blue because air scatters more blue sunlight than red.