Nearby words transputer, transpyloric plane, transracial, transrectification, transrectifier, transsexualism, transship, transsonic, transsynaptic degeneration, transthoracic, compare cissexual.Sources: American Psychological Association; The Associated Press; The Philadelphia Center for Transgender Surgery.First, the difference between sex and gender is important to note.

With the commutation of her prison sentence by President Barack Obama, now set for release in May 2017, she and will re-enter a society bitterly divided over many aspects of transgender rights.Sex refers to differences in chromosomes, hormones and external and internal sex organs.The current change suggests an evolution of thought on the matter of gender that may influence not only how many people see themselves, but also how they are perceived by others.

from trans- sexual, and.Related formstranssexualism, transsexuality, noun, usage note, see transgender.Examples from the Web for transsexual.